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The way to prevent death by meeting is to make meetings matter

Paul Riecks

I believe we are wired to interact with each other for clarity of communication and greater understanding. It is possible to accomplish those things in a variety of ways — letters, emails, texts, posts on social media, voice mails, conference calls, video conferencing and plain, old-fashioned meetings. Using any of these mediums requires preparation and skill to achieve clarity of communication and greater understanding.

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Juanita ‘Busy Bee’ Britton started her entrepreneurial career at age 10, and she hasn’t slowed down since

Busy Bee Britton

Juanita “Busy Bee” Britton displayed an acumen for business at an early age, when she turned her lemonade stand into a neighborhood franchise. Since then, Britton has always had her hand in some business operation or another. Today, she heads BZB International, Inc., a PR company whose clients include the American Bar Association and the Department of the Navy, and operates 21 restaurants and stores at Washington-area airports.

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