Melania Trump and her speechwriter: What to do when trusted employees make big mistakes?

Melania Trump

When it became clear that parts of Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention were almost identical to a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, the Trump campaign faced a barrage of media criticism. On July 20, long-time Trump Organization employee Meredith McIver issued a statement taking the blame. All of which raises the question: When a usually solid employee takes a major stumble, what should you do?

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Why Brexit could be a disaster for American companies


After news broke in the early morning hours of June 24 that the British public has voted to exit the European Union, markets went into a nosedive. The outcome of the vote is a major headache for American companies with U.K. locations, who have suddenly lost easy access to the rest of the continent. But it could also have implications for the rest of the American economy.

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Instead of reading this, should you be napping?


This week, a picture of Richard Branson is making the rounds that shows him posing with an employee who is taking a nap on an office couch. On his blog, Branson notes the employee was getting some “much-needed rest,” and napping at the office has certainly become more acceptable, especially in the tech and startup worlds. But is it really a good idea?

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Whatever happened to Theranos? Lessons from a startup bust


Last year, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was at the top of Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. When the magazine released its new list on June 1, Holmes had dropped off completely. In fact, Forbes announced it was lowering its estimate of her net worth to zero. What went so wrong in just a year?

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