CargoTrans, Inc.

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Nunzio De Filippis

Location: Valley Stream, NY
Founded: 1989
Industry: Import/Export
Generations: 2

CargoTrans, Inc.

Nunzio De Filippis

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: At CargoTrans, Inc., a provider of custom brokerage, freight forwarding and 3PL services, four values play a key role: priority, people matter, effectiveness and methodology. Together, these four values help the company navigate the challenging world of global trade and logistics, while making sure the customer’s needs are always a priority. “Simply stated, our founding father’s primary focus was customer service from the company’s inception. This still holds true today,” says CEO and COO Nunzio De Filippis.

Quick Tip: “Do not allow the challenges and struggles to take away from the times to celebrate and enjoy the successes.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: When Nunzio and his brother Anthony De Filippis joined the family business, they started at an entry level, with apprenticeships and working during school breaks. This is something they want any future generations of family members to experience as well because their experience provided them with on-the-job-training, while also preparing them for high school and college.

CULTURAL VALUES: “As we plan for our transition from first- to second-generation control, culture has remained a priority,” says De Filippis. For CargoTrans, this means maintaining a family feel even as the company scales. “CargoTrans provides a dynamic work environment while nurturing talent. … We strongly believe our people dictate the success of our business,” adds De Filippis.

LASTING LEGACY: “We want to be remembered as a company that has provided a positive growth experience to all of its members through the various opportunities that our business may provide,” says De Filippis. The company’s founder, Michael De Filippis, paved the way for his sons to take over, and Nunzio De Filippis plans to do the same for the next generation.