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Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Raskin Global asked Baltimore Future 50 winners to share what they see as the biggest challenge management teams face. In addition, participants in the discussion shared how the management team sets examples for others in the organization. SmartCEO and Raskin Global also asked the participating executives to comment on the dynamic between different members of the executive team.

Raskin Global

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SmartCEO would like to thank our host, Leonard Raskin of Raskin Global.


Keith Daw, VP of Business Development, McDonell Consulting & Development


Tracy Balazs
Tracy Balazs, President and CEO, FSR
John Dumas
John Dumas, Executive Director, Service Coordination
Lisa Gobrecht
Lisa Gobrecht, President, Daft McCune Walker, Inc.
Keith Miller
Keith Miller, President and CEO, Strategic Factory
Mark Miller
Mark Miller, COO, Merritt Athletic Clubs
Roy White
Roy White, President and CEO, DCI

Will Marshall, Principal, Eidos Strategic (not pictured)


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