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You’ve got a deep bench. Why aren’t you leveraging the talent?

Thought Leadership on Leveraging Your Executives to Increase Company Visibility presented by Brand id Strategic Partners.

Ever wonder what some of this nation’s most successful organizations are doing that yours is not? They are leveraging the talent of their key players. You would be surprised to learn how many top performing organizations require those in the C-Suite and their SME’s to help elevate the company brand as part of their job.

They have a deep roster and believe it is imperative to leverage it, both inside and outside of the walls of their company.

Go to the annual SHRM Conference and their Director of HR is keynoting or conducting a break out session. You’ll see that their CTO is penning articles regularly about the latest trends for CTO Magazine or other publications that allow them to showcase their insight and expertise. Their CIO is interacting with their clients and the general public regularly on social media; showcasing how digitally savvy they are. While the CEO has developed a strong executive presence and leadership brand that makes him/her compelling, interesting and attractive to everyone who crosses his/her path.

In 2016, it is a grave mistake to think that you can hire someone who is a first round draft pick (SME) and simply put them behind the desk 24/7/365. You must get your talent out into the industry to engage.

Just ten years ago, we were playing an entirely different ballgame. While, yes, there were some organizations that were savvy at leveraging their top talent within the industry, it wasn’t at all the norm or expectation. However, times have changed. Today, people want to know the people behind the logo. They want so much more:

  1. The ability to connect with the human side of the company they are doing business with.
  2. To know they are working with industry thought leaders, or in laymen’s terms, “the best of the best.”
  3. To hear company success stories and the ability to share them with their “circle of influence.”
  4. To feel heard and know their concerns are being taken into consideration with your company’s leadership in real time.
  5. To feel like they made a good decision when they decided to do business with you.

You and your team have an incredible opportunity to make an indelible mark within your industry’s marketplace through Executive Branding and Thought Leadership. If you want to discover first-hand how uncovering and leveraging your talent can catapult your organization’s visibility, sign up for our complimentary, Executive Brand Audit here.

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Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the Founder of Brand id | Strategic Partners, a full-service Personal Branding + Elevation Agency that specializes in helping organizations elevate the visibility, credibility, influence and impact of their senior executives and SME’s. Their mission is to help your company become an industry leader by leveraging your top talent. To discover how a strategic executive branding and thought leadership plan could catapult your organization’s visibility within the marketplace, register here for a complimentary, Executive Brand Audit.