How personal branding benefits the bottom line of your organization

Thought Leadership on Leveraging Your Executives to Increase Company Visibility presented by Brand id Strategic Partners.

As the head of your company, are you absolutely certain that if you walked up to the first five employees you encountered and asked them to state who they are, what they do and what their unique selling proposition is, they could?

How many of your employees have clearly defined reputations within your organization of being “the best in class” in their particular area? How many are sought out for their expertise in that area, and go above and beyond not only in in staying knowledgeable about the latest industry trends and insights, but are known for keeping their finger on the pulse of their industry?

I don’t care whether that person is an assistant at the front office whose job it is to greet company visitors, or your VP of sales. Everyone should be so intricately familiar with the value they bring to the company, what makes them unique and how they align with the organization’s overall values, that they are jumping out of bed Monday morning to contribute. They should study what it means to deliver exemplary customer service and be proactive with bringing ideas to elevate the customer service within your company.

When your organization takes the time to develop personal branding strategies for each employee, you begin to lay the foundation for success. Imagine you have an NFL Team in the playoff, only each player isn’t certain of the role they play. They aren’t sure how their contribution affects the overall game and they can’t really tell you what their specialty is. Chances are slim your team would win.

Now look at your organization. Recognize that you are competing with other organizations within your niche that have taken the time to develop a clear and concise internal brand. Everyone is clear what the organization stands for and is in agreement. In addition, people are clear about the role they play within the organization and take it very seriously.

This year, it is your responsibility to identify all of the places you are losing money. There are going to be a lot of ways that are simply “no fault of your own.” However, there are some places that are entirely on you — otherwise known as unforced errors.

Stop making unforced errors at your organization. Equip your employees with the necessary skills to elevate their performance at your company. Set up a Personal and Branding Workshop at your company, today. Your bottom line will thank you.

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