The commitment: Are the people on your team ready to say 'I do?'

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How committed are the people who work for you? I’m serious. When you aren’t around, and they are left alone, are they excitedly discussing the projects, opportunities and environment you have created or are they rolling their eyes, checking social media stats and doing a mental count down to Friday?

If the latter, you aren’t alone.

According to recent statistics (Harris Interactive), approximately 74% of employees would take a new job if given the opportunity. Which means, if four people are sitting around the conference table during your next meeting, three of them would rather not be there.

Are your people committed to you? If not, you have a problem you may not want to ignore.

Ask yourself, are they hitting the snooze button repeatedly in the mornings? Do they treat “Monday’s” as if it is a bad word, struggle through hump day just so they can make it to the weekend?

Unfortunately, too many CEOs have failed to recognize one of life’s biggest lessons in understanding people: People won’t care until they know how much you do. It’s really that simple.

As a company head, here’s why that philosophy really matters to your bottom line. Your organization will never be “best in class,” if you don’t have truly smart, savvy, creative and most importantly “committed” and engaged people on your team.


You want people who can’t wait until Monday rolls around because they are bubbling over with great ideas.

You want people who are engaged and vested into the success of the organization.

You want people who freely share their ideas and feel safe, secure and supported.

You want people who feel as though they have a clear path to success.

You want people who feel as though they matter.

You want Brand Ambassadors who gladly spread the word about the projects they are working on and the environment they are working in.

So looking at the criteria for creating a Rock Star environment, how would you say your organization fares in that equation? Would you be willing to bet money on the types of conversations your employees are having behind your back?

Successful cultures are the ones where each employee is extremely clear about their role within the organization. They understand what they do matters. They feel appreciated. They feel supported. They feel seen. They can clearly articulate the value they bring to the table and they are recognized by their peers, colleagues and superiors for such talent.

But these cultures aren’t created by accident. There is absolute intention behind their creation. How you ask? One way is through Internal Branding for your organization and Personal Branding for your employees.

For example:

Internal branding:
What does your organization stand for?
What is the mission? What is the mission of each department? What do you do better than other organizations? What is the end goal of your organization? What is honored and valued at your organization above all else? Now, most importantly, has each and every employee not only bought into that mission, but articulate and stand behind it?

Personal Branding:
Does each person on your team understand who they are, what they do and what separates them from everyone else? Are they clear about their “zone of genius?” Have they each been able to build a solid reputation within their area? Can each employee articulate how their own Personal Brand aligns with the overall goals and mission of your organization?

The bottom line is that too often, organizations ignore those things that will give them the competitive edge. Don’t be one of them. Understand the importance that branding—the organization and the employees within your organization—plays within your company and use it to your advantage.

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