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5 ways to pull your executives from behind the desk and put them into your marketplace

Thought Leadership on Leveraging Your Executives to Increase Company Visibility presented by Brand id Strategic Partners.

You can have the deepest bench in the industry, but if you aren’t strategically leveraging the skills, talents and insights of your top executives to elevate your visibility within the marketplace, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Here are five ways to leverage your team:

  1. Speaking on behalf of your organization: Look around at local, regional and national industry conferences. Think about how the presence of one of your key players on the stage could dramatically elevate the visibility of your organization and its services.
  1. Writing articles: How often are members of your team contributing their thought leadership and insight to industry publications, or publications targeting your specific niche where they can showcase their knowledge base?
  1. Developing case studies: Think about how many successes your organization has had. What are you doing to leverage those stories and share them with potential clients both on and offline?
  1. Building a voice on social media: Have you empowered your senior executives with the proper social media skills so they can act as brand ambassadors and begin to share their voice, personality and ideas on social media?
  1. Leveraging the media: Think about how many opportunities you are missing to obtain media coverage (radio, television and print) simply because nobody is identifying those opportunities that align with your vision and brand.

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Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the Founder of Brand id | Strategic Partners, a full-service personal branding and elevation agency that specializes in helping organizations elevate the visibility, credibility, influence and impact of their senior executives and SMEs. Their mission is to help your company become an industry leader by leveraging your top talent. To discover how a strategic executive branding and thought leadership plan could catapult your organization’s visibility within the marketplace, register here for a complimentary Executive Brand Audit.