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BizGrowth 5.0 by Sherré DeMao

Are you leveraging your operations in your marketing? If not, you’re leaving money on the table

When it comes to growing company bank deposits and net profits, marketing is considered the driving force — after all, it keeps income flowing in through increased sales. Where many businesses miss the mark is in focusing only on the top-line sales and not the bottom-line ramifications of how the company operates in conjunction with marketing initiatives.
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Are you a step ahead or trying to keep up? How ‘trend getting’ fuels growth

Too many business executives believe, wrongly, that differentiation requires blazing new paths or innovating something from nothing. Instead, paying attention to trends can help you differentiate and identify needs and opportunities.
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Is a commodity mindset killing your business? Here’s how to differentiate yourself

The Harvard Business School teaches that, “Like death and taxes, commoditization of your products is a given.” However, this doesn’t mean you must accept eventual commoditization as a death sentence to your competitive advantage. On the contrary, by paying attention, you can proactively shift for strategic advantage, not just competitive advantage.
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Is your branding all show, no substance? What most companies miss

Branding is something every company should be doing. Unfortunately, most are doing it poorly because they approach branding from a marketing perspective only — rather than an enterprise-building perspective — or fail to take the different levels of branding into account.
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Is your organization built for sustainable growth? Here’s what it takes

Speed of change is the new norm in building a business. If you are not growing strategically based on this fact, you are already falling behind.
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ABOUT SHERRE DE MAO: Sherré DeMao is founder, CEO and strategy maestro of SLSherre DeMaoD Unlimited Biz Growth Inc., an award-winning firm specializing in next-level, next-idea solutions for entrepreneurial enterprises. She is an expert in helping entrepreneurs prosper in life and in business, and has dedicated her 30-year  career to this purpose. Contact her at