Bijal Jani, Esq.

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Location: Pearl River, NY
Founded: 2000
Industry: Professional services

Bijal Jani, Esq.
Attorney and Owner

Bijal Jani PC

Raised by immigrant parents, Bijal Jani believed in her ability to achieve the American Dream. She worked hard to earn an undergraduate degree in public accounting and her J.D. From there, she dreamed up her own law practice, Bijal Jani PC. The firm was created specifically to help other women entrepreneurs with the challenges that come with owning and operating a business and managing real estate. Today, Bijal Jani offers its legal advisory services to a diverse clientele, and 100 percent of its clients come from referrals.

Fun Fact: Bijal Jani operates under a circle model “so every person can grow and contribute in a positive environment.”

Just five years after founding her firm, Jani became a single mother to a son. Though taking on the work of managing a law firm while raising a child proved difficult, Jani excelled at balancing her life and schedule. “I realized that I can slay my fears, push my limits, work hard, manage my time properly, and those efforts were reflected in everything I did,” she says.

In addition to building her team and raising her son, Jani has also found time for pro-bono work, which has earned her recognition from the NYSBA’s Empire State Counsel program. Much of that pro-bono work has been focused on helping survivors of domestic violence, for whom Jani says she has “deep compassion.” In addition to her pro-bono work, Jani is on the board of directors for two nonprofits that aid these survivors.