Bernadette H. Schopfer

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Location: White Plains, NY
Founded: 1985
Industry: Financial services

Bernadette H. Schopfer
Partner and Director of Taxation

Maier Markey & Justic LLP

As partner and director of taxation at Maier Markey & Justic LLP, Bernadette H. Schopfer is dedicated to creating the type of work environment that breeds success, both for employees and clients. For Schopfer, this is all about relationships, which is why friendliness and camaraderie amongst her team are so important to her. “It is a priority of mine to set the standards of professional service high, while at the same time building a structure of support that contributes to the success of my tax department team,” says Schopfer.

Quick Tip: “There is really nothing better than being able to use your superpowers for good.”

“As a working mother and wife, trying to find time for my husband, five boys and all of the things that I am professionally responsible for is an ever-challenging, daily demand,” says Schopfer. To make it work, she focuses on being present when she is needed, rather than multitasking. “I also try to use a ‘No do-over’ rule when attempting to prioritize competing demands. If it is something that cannot be repeated — a graduation or a milestone event — it almost without exception will get the highest priority,” she says.

Outside the office, Schopfer gets great joy out of leading by example and contributing her time and talents to colleagues, clients and nonprofits. She is a founding member of the United Way of Westchester and Putnam’s Women’s Leadership Council. Schopfer is also treasurer on the board of four charities.