Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

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Scott Schober
Family Business Honoree

Location: Metuchen, NJ
Founded: 1972
Industry: Telecommunications/Security
Generations: 3


Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

Scott Schober
President and CEO

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS) was founded to deliver custom-engineered solutions to a wide range of clients, from individuals to Fortune 500 giants. Founder Gary Schober started BVS with a team of engineers focused on custom design, and in 1990, the company shifted its focus to the design, manufacturing and shipping of its own products for the wireless test and security industries. Today, under the leadership of president and CEO Scott Schober, the company has grown to include more than 100 unique products.

Fun Fact: Scott Schober and BVS’ creative and communications manager Craig Schober have never held any full-time employment outside BVS.

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Today, the third generation of the Schober family is well established in the company, with Scott Schober at the helm. Though the next generation has not yet joined, Schober says they will follow the same work path that he did. Joining the family business won’t require a degree, but it does require working in each discipline offered at BVS.

CULTURAL VALUES:“Family business becomes an integral part of our lives, so we eat, sleep and breathe the business,” says Schober. He believes that BVS is fueled by maintaining a reputation of treating customers with respect and delivering every engineering specification promised.

LASTING LEGACY: “We would like BVS to be remembered as a workplace for anyone looking to contribute ideas and innovations,” says Schober. “We are open to ideas from anyone we currently employ, just as we are open to hiring anyone who wants to work in the wireless industry with us.”