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Continuing education: a differentiator for the workplace

Thought Leadership on Workspace Solutions presented by Benhar Office Interiors. 

“CFO asks his CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?”

CEO answers, ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

At Benhar Office Interiors, we are committed to workplace research and knowledge. We are equally dedicated to delivering effective methods of educating and empowering our customers to create great places to work and learn.

We consider this commitment a differentiator. In an effort to demonstrate this, we developed a continuing education program that has been certified by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC).

The goal of our Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program is to share Benhar Office Interiors’ knowledge and experience with our diverse audiences, which include architects, designers, facility managers, educators, and students.

Each of our CEU courses responds to the interests of one or more of these audiences, while helping industry professionals meet continuing education requirements. Our current program is called Furniture 201.

What is furniture 201?

Furniture 201’s development stemmed from the interest in helping our customers and the designers we work with to better understand the furniture procurement process. In our experience, there is sometimes confusion about the role of manufacturers and dealers. We also discuss the specification process for furniture.

In addition, we wanted to discuss the history of the contract furniture industry, why contract furniture is such a good investment and the ideas about the research behind the way people work in a modern office.

As a Herman Miller dealer, we take great pride in being a partner to an organization with such a superior legacy of product design and innovation. There is a wonderful video called 108 years of Herman Miller, and if you have a moment, you should definitely take a look!

Beyond that, Herman Miller continues to develop what they call The Living Office. The Living Office is a research based concept that strives to express and inform the current state of the workplace. It uses global research and data to provide tools for people to create great office environments that support changing work styles through qualitative assessments and product solutions. The idea is work has changed and most offices haven’t. How does yours stack up? Explore these concepts here.

With this ever evolving body of knowledge, we at Benhar Office Interiors stay on our toes! That’s why Furniture 201 seemed like a great fit for our business and our clients. We don’t use it as direct sales tool, but as an opportunity to connect with the people we work with and develop an ongoing relationship as resource to others.

We know that many people might think office furniture is just office furniture, but really it is the setting for the work that will ultimate cultivate your company’s prosperity and success. In developing this program, we hope to convey our enthusiasm about furnishing your workplace, how to do it, and why it is important.

It has been well received, and we don’t think it is just because we also provide lunch. We have created a team at Benhar Office Interiors that is genuinely excited about the work they do, and therefore have a continued commitment to promoting industry knowledge.

Does your company have continuing education and training? Have you found tools that are more effective than others? Let us know below!

And of course we are here to help you in all your furnishing needs. Our tagline is “we furnish your ideas”. We can help you find furnishing solutions that will create the setting where your company thrives. Call us today at 212-481-6666 or contact us online.

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