How to improve your company’s presence: Integrating content and digital marketing

Thought Leadership on Leadership in Marketing presented by Beholder Productions, Inc.

In the past few years, “content marketing” has gone from a new concept to an overused buzzword — much like “digital marketing” — that’s broadly interpreted and often misunderstood.

Content marketing refers to using (educational, informative) content to attract prospects, engage viewers and generate leads. Digital marketing generally refers to different methods of reaching prospects, and includes specifics such as website optimization (SEO), web development (such as converting to a mobile-responsive website), PPC, lead tracking, and analyzing user experience to maximize conversions. We also categorize social media marketing under digital marketing.

Because content marketing requires a significant investment in creative talent and energy (read: time and money), developing a guiding plan for your content strategy is critical to making good use of your marketing budget. Because digital marketing comprises a significant portion of your marketing investment as well, content and digital simply must work together. Silos are inefficient, and often, shared or overlapping responsibilities simply result in duplicated effort rather than an increase in leads, customers or revenue.

Content and digital working together

A company’s digital marketing efforts will naturally inform content marketing and make content creation faster and easier, assuming your process is designed to flow that way. In fact, the flow should go both ways, as content marketing can also highlight changes that may need to be made to digital marketing tactics.

Quite often, slight changes in website traffic — say, a longer average time on certain pages — can indicate increased opportunity for a particular product or service. Similarly, PPC advertising campaigns can uncover new keywords that should be included in content.

On the flip side, response to content marketing efforts can identify a need to adjust your brand strategy and positioning — when prospects don’t recognize your brand as strong in a particular category or as a solution for a specific need, for example.

In other words, content marketing and digital marketing are distinct but highly related. That’s why integrating the functions makes so much sense.

Integrated marketing: Better results in less time

When your digital marketing, lead generation, customer education, surveys and customer testimonial collection mechanisms are designed to deliver specific, concrete and actionable information to create better content, your marketing process will produce more leads and more qualified prospects, in less time.

Getting better leads in less time means you’ll spend less money — in lead generation as well as in closing those leads.

Here’s an example: One of our clients is a niche-oriented skilled nursing facility (with multiple locations) that cares for tracheostomy-based residents. This niche-of-a-niche industry has a very specific target consumer, but the target audience varies based on the families that are touched by a variety of diseases and conditions.

By developing a refined digital marketing strategy, with an effective website and keywords, we were able to develop a robust and comprehensive content marketing strategy as well, which allowed us to speak to the wide variety people who would be considered the client’s target audience.

Metrics and analytics are just as important as behavior. Connecting with the end user as a human being enables a deeper connection with the facility. Having an inside perspective of the facility’s culture, its core values, learning more about the conditions, the treatment methodologies, and seeing all of the great events and activities that take place there, helps the end user feel more comfortable requesting a tour or speaking with an admissions specialist.

The integrated marketing campaign we developed, monitoring effectiveness on a monthly level, adjusting the content marketing strategy as needed and consistently creating relevant content, helps position the facility’s brand as a leader in the industry.

Integrated marketing delivers better results

  • Business owners/Executives: Do you need a strategic brand partner to help you with your marketing so you can focus on doing your job — leading and growing your company?
  • Marketing directors: Do you wish you could have a marketing dream team – full of strategic and creative professionals – ready to produce and deliver content for you on a monthly basis?
  • Finance pros: Would you like to hire a complete team of professionals for the same rate you would pay for one employee – without the extra burden?

If having well-designed marketing processes that work well together sounds like a good idea to you, contact Beholder so we can learn more about your business and your goals, and share with you more information about the 4SIGHT™ Integrated Marketing Program. Let’s work more efficiently, and effectively, together.

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