Wellness and Benefits, sponsored by PSA and Switchbridge

Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO, PSA and Switchbridge gathered Baltimore-area executives to discuss how wellness fits into their company culture, and what benefits or drawbacks they have seen as a result of wellness programs. The CEOs also discuss how they communicate changes in wellness programs or benefits to their employees, and which offerings have helped them lower healthcare premiums.



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Ken Huber, SVP, Employee Benefits Group, PSA

Aaron Davis, Founder and CEO, SwitchBridge


Mike Buher, Director, ClearView Group

Brian M. Davis, Managing Director and CEO, ClearView Group

Kim Theobald, Director of HR, ClearView Group

Kaitlyn Kivi, HR Generalist, Continental Realty Corporation

Craig Thorne, MD, MPH, MBA, VP/Medical Director, Erickson Living

Tim Coad, Executive Director Channel Management and Strategy, Kaiser Permanente

Chris Urban, Senior Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Mark Miller, Vice President, Merritt Athletic Clubs

Todd Marks, President and CEO, Mindgrub

Kelly Johnson, Program Manager, Finance and Business Operations, The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults


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