Anne Bavier

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Location: Rowayton, CT
Founded: 2004
Industry: Architecture, corporate interior design

Anne Bavier

Bavier Design, LLC

After working as a partner for one of New York City’s largest corporate interior design firms, and eventually running its Greenwich, CT office, Anne Bavier decided that if she could do it for someone else, she could do it herself. That’s when Bavier Design, LLC was born. Working in a large firm, Bavier says, had taken her away from the day-to-day work of designing, and she decided it was time to get back to her roots.

Fun Fact: Bavier shares her favorite business books, like Who Moved My Cheese?, with her colleagues.

Though Bavier Design has won major contracts with the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Bavier says she wants the company to remain small. Currently, Bavier Design has just nine employees. In addition to allowing Bavier to remain hands-on with the design aspect of the job, the company’s small size helps it serve clients in a more personal way. With a smaller staff, Bavier Designs is able to hire senior employees with experience, which can greatly benefit clients and their projects.

For Bavier, one of the greatest advantages of starting her own company was being able to spend more time with her then-12-year-old and 15-year-old children. Despite her initial worries about supporting her family while she was striking out on her own, Bavier found that her new path allowed for that and more. “I was able to … still partake in their school, activities, and be home every night to cook them dinner and help them,” she says.