Get off the fence: How to make the right decision now

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A CEO’s job is never done. We are relied upon to have all the answers, but quite frankly, there are times when we just simply don’t have them. In those moments, what do we do? More often than not, we step into decision paralysis and simply perch ourselves on the fence.

A while ago I wrote an article called Get Off The Fence. In that article I noted the fence as a very uncomfortable place to plant yourself. It doesn’t move and therefore you are neither moving forward nor falling backward. The fence keeps you stationary and stagnant. When you are positioned on the fence, you are allowing others to aggressively exert and impose an initiative that may not align with your vision. Sitting on the fence keeps you out of reach and out of play. Bottom line?

You can not move your business forward if you are constantly sitting on the fence!

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a CEO whose business had plateaued. The business had been sitting in the same position with little to no growth for approximately two years and his profits were starting to decline. As I conducted my analysis of the business, it was clear the reason for their plateau was decision paralysis.

For 90 days, I observed the CEO’s response, reaction and impact during critical moments. If he felt he didn’t have enough information, he did nothing. If he felt his partners would disagree with his perspective, he did nothing. If he was uncomfortable with the subject matter, he did nothing. If he thought the stakes were high, he did nothing. If it would cost him anything, he did nothing.

This left the organization in limbo.

As we worked through the issues, I helped him see how his indecisiveness was impacting the organization. Because he was constantly on the fence, so was his team. As a result, conflict brewed throughout the company and customers were confused. He was afraid of making the wrong move, so he didn’t make any moves.  This equated to organizational plateau and plummeting profits.

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