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Introducing The Corporate Kindness Project™

Thought Leadership on Authentic Change Leadership  ‘Shift Happens but you can lead it’ presented by Ally Solutions Group.

“We believe in the sacred worth of all individuals, created in the image of God.” – The UM Book of Discipline

This is one of my favorite quotes and when you spend a minute with it, it reflects how each and every person is important and valuable. And that includes people that we work with.

I have heard many people throughout my career use the phrase, “it’s just business.” Some of those individuals have used that phrase to excuse their own bad behavior or less than selfless decisions in the corporate environment. I have never really understood that phrase because after all, doesn’t everything we do reflect on us personally, even in business?

What if the organizations that we work in truly valued and rewarded people for how they treat one another and offered an environment of compassion, worth and respect? Enter, The Corporate Kindness Project™ (TCKP). TCKP is a corporate employee engagement program that aligns and connects, leadership, culture, sustainability, and social responsibility through positive behavior-based operational rewards and kindness metrics.

What about the word “kindness”. Kindness is a real and measurable behavior. Kindness has a ripple effect and whether we are being kind, witnessing kindness or receiving kindness, it produces the same chemical effect in our brain. We want more of it. Recipients of kindness generally want to keep paying it forward, says James Fowler, professor of medical genetics and political science at the University of California San Diego. In fact, in one of Fowler’s studies, he found that a single act of kindness typically inspired several more acts of generosity. Not to mention that if we work in an environment where people clearly recognize kind behavior and treat each other well, general well-being is elevated and productivity can go through the roof. The research is clear. Positive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover and more resilient cultures.

The responsibility of corporate companies to care for their employees and the world they live in is a privilege and will become a unique competitive identifier in the months and years to come. The courage to step out and make “kindness real” is what is sorely needed in the chaotic world of business. Kindness, giving and social care will become sought after organizational characteristics that many younger (millennial and Gen Z) individuals will seek in their job quest. In the search for meaning and purpose, hope through kindness is the inspiration we need. I believe Rebecca Solnit said it best in her book, Hope in Dark Times, “The hope I’m interested in is about broad perspectives with specific possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we act.”

The Corporate Kindness Project™ will be comprised of many components such as Mindful Leadership – Conscious Business™, The Challenge Day experience (taking groups of people through shared experience and sharing), The Connected Culture Workshops, The Corporate Kindness Cards™ (workplace random acts of kindness and pay it forward suggestions), The Fun Departments’ Workshops, Sustainability Planning and many other leadership development and positive psychology programs. We then focus on branding analysis and deep identity realization to identify and customize corporate responsibility programs that reflect what the organization really cares about. Purposefully connecting social giving can enable leaders and their teams to be involved in meaningful contributions, supporting a cause with their time and their intellect, not just with the company wallet.

The bigger vision for TCKP is to create deep and sustainable programs that will have an identifiable designation associated with it. Organization’s that embrace this progressive cultural commitment will be able to proudly display the Corporate Kindness™ Logo. Perspective talent and clients will know exactly what they stand for. These companies will have a definitive competitive edge in the marketplace and happy, committed, kinder employees making their organizations and our world a better place to live and thrive in.

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