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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology

Alex Cavoulacos

The Muse

The Muse, an online career finder and guidance platform, puts the user experience first — a fact that has helped the company stand out, says COO Alex Cavoulacos. “It shouldn’t be rocket science to give potential candidates a photo and video ‘inside scoop’ on an employer,” she says. In her role at The Muse, Cavoulacos defines the vision behind a project and makes it reality. “I obsess about the experience that we create for users … and consider eight to 10 times per day how we should innovate next,” she says.

Quick Tip: “Great ideas can come from anywhere.”

Part of the secret to The Muse’s success has been the dynamic partnership between Cavoulacos and the company’s co-founder and CEO Kathryn Minshew. While Minshew manages sales, marketing and the “accompanying pep talks,” Cavoulacos drives product and operations as the company’s “secret engine.” “Kathryn and I have been great about recognizing one another’s strengths and weaknesses since day one, in many ways the secret sauce of our partnership,” says Cavoulacos.

Though Cavoulacos had done some coding in high school, she wasn’t technical when she founded The Muse. When she took on the leadership of the company’s product, she felt that having more of a foundational knowledge of engineering would allow her to have more educated conversations about the trade-offs of different features. That’s why she decided to learn how to code. This helped her provide better input to the CTO, but more importantly, she says, “my ability to visualize where our product is and where it is going has been heightened immensely.”