A growing fleet of mobile offices helped CEO Anthony Mongeluzo gain 25 hours of productivity a week

By Alyssa Hurst

Anthony MongeluzoRoughly seven years ago, Anthony Mongeluzo rolled up to a local car dealership to take a look at a GMC Acadia. When the dealership asked him if he would like to take the car out for a test drive, Mongeluzo said, “Yeah. But I’m going to sit in the back. You drive it.”

That’s because Mongeluzo wasn’t after a great driving experience. Rather, the CEO of IT company PCS wanted to know what it might feel like to work in the vehicle. Once the Acadia was purchased, Mongeluzo gutted its three rows of seats and created his very first Tech Tank, complete with a hired driver. For the last several years, the Tech Tank has served as Mongeluzo’s mobile office, carting him to speaking engagements, client sites and even home.

Introducing the Tech Tank

In November of 2015, Mongeluzo purchased a second, larger vehicle to add to his budding fleet of Tech Tanks. The newest Tech Tank comes complete with printers, scanners, refrigeration, four TVs, HD and satellite radio, multiple internet connections through Wi-Fi cards and a fully functional computer. “I have everything I need in my [mobile] office … so I can work efficiently,” says Mongeluzo. In addition to the necessary elements of a high-functioning office, Mongeluzo included extra perks like a video game system and a custom lighting system that allows the passenger to blend the light to any color. “If you have a client coming in, you can actually give them their colors,” he says.

When Mongeluzo himself is not using the Tech Tank, he offers the service up to other employees, booking time in the vehicle the same way the company books time in a conference room. “We basically use our calendar system,” says Mongeluzo. “I’ll set my schedule every Sunday for the week, and then if anyone wants to fill in for any times, they can.”

Driving home the mission

Tech TankAs the CEO of a growing IT company, Mongeluzo found himself spending an average of 25 hours driving each week. Not only did this add up to a significant loss of productivity, but Mongeluzo said he also ended up adopting unsafe driving habits. “I was running out of time and I was doing stupid things,” he says. “I was texting and driving. I was on the phone and driving. I wasn’t paying attention.” By creating the Tech Tank and sharing its benefit with employees, Mongeluzo has been able to promote safety behind the wheel.

In addition to the safety aspect, Mongeluzo says the Tech Tank has become a tangible embodiment of the PCS spirit: “I wanted to create a really comfortable, cool, high-tech mobile office that shows that we are innovative and think outside the box, so to speak.”

The returns

Though Mongeluzo hasn’t specifically tracked any firm-wide gains in productivity as a result of the Tech Tank, he has personally gained 25 extra hours of productivity each week, and says the mobile office has been invaluable professionally and personally. “What I can tell you is, I’ve closed a lot more business since I’ve had the car. I can tell you my stress level has decreased tremendously. Now when I’m coming home, I don’t have to worry about emails. I get to spend time with my family,” he says.

Instead of working through traffic jams on his way home from the office or a client site, Mongeluzo says he can now use the time wrapping up work for the day. And, instead of spending the car ride to a speaking engagement focusing on the road, Mongeluzo can focus on perfecting his speech. Tasks like these, which are often considered monotonous and time consuming, says Mongeluzo, are particularly well suited to the Tech Tank’s setup: “I can actually concentrate. You don’t have people running by the door; you won’t get caught in sidebars. When I’m working in the Tech Tank, I’m working.”Tech Tank

Building a fleet

Mongeluzo considers his Tech Tanks to be a strong addition to life at PCS, and believes the concept could make a difference for other CEOs as well. “Everyone is talking about automated cars and all that,” he says. “If you’re going to go with an automated car, why not an automated office?”

Though Mongeluzo says the idea is only half-formed at this point, he sees a potentially bright future for the Tech Tank. “My thought was to create a small fleet of these. If people aren’t ready to go all in on the concept, they could rent a Tech Tank,” he says. “If you know you’ve got a busy day ahead and you’re going to be driving all over the place, you get a driver and you get a Tech Tank.”

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