A. Feibusch Corp./Zipperstop.com

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Eddie Feibusch
Family Business Honoree


Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1941
Industry: Professional services,
garment supplies
Generations: 4

A. Feibusch Corp./Zipperstop.com

Eddie Feibusch

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Eddie Feibusch came to New York City from Austria, and on the same day Pearl Harbor was bombed, the 16-year-old opened A. Feibusch Corp. Soon after that, Feibusch went off to fight in World War II, but a gunshot wound put him in a coma. During his time away, Feibusch’s mother ran the business. When he returned, Feibusch worked hard to grow the company, and today, A. Feibusch is one of the world’s largest YKK Zipper distributors.

Fun Fact: Feibusch received a Purple Heart after fighting in World War II. He had survived artillery shells to several parts of his body, including his legs and intestines.

ONBOARDING FAMILY: A. Feibusch works to make sure each family member who wants to join is qualified. All interested family members are asked to create a presentation expressing their reasons for wanting to join the family business, as well as their ideas for its growth. The company also asks its prospective family employees to work outside the business to gain experience in the corporate world first.

CULTURAL VALUES: Now in his 90s, Feibusch still serves as president of A.Feibusch. Despite a few struggles over the course of its 75 years in business, the company remains dedicated to working hard, making work fun and treating everyone like family. In fact, Feibusch says, A. Feibusch trusts all of its employees to make decisions on behalf of the owners.

LASTING LEGACY: Having overcome challenges that included two fires and hardships after 9/11, Feibusch believes his company can stick around forever. The Feibusch family hopes its company is viewed as something everyone worked hard for.