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Kaplan headshot

Talent Matters by Alan Kaplan

ABOUT ALAN KAPLAN: Alan J. Kaplan is founder and CEO of Kaplan Partners., a Philadelphia-based executive search and talent advisory firm.
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Office Life Support by Bonnie Low-Kramen

 Bonnie Low-Kramen is a workplace leadership expert and international trainer and speaker. She served as Olympia Dukakis’s
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Stage Coach by Maria Guida

ABOUT MARIA GUIDA: Maria Guida is a consultant at Fortune 500 companies and professional speaker. She works with organizations that want
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Earl Furfine

Chief Endurance Officer by Earl Furfine

ABOUT EARL FURFINE: Earl M. Furfine, CPA, PMP, CITP is an endurance racer, serial entrepreneur and IT professional. He speaks on
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Uncut Entrepreneur by David Feldman

ABOUT DAVID FELDMAN: David N. Feldman, a corporate and securities attorney, is a partner in the New York City office
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Michael Zimmerman

The Bigger Picture by Michael Zimmerman

ABOUT MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN: Michael Zimmerman is senior marketing strategist at MarketPoint LLC, a strategic consulting firm specializing in market research, market
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Linking Up by Yuhannes Watts

ABOUT YUHANNES WATTS: Yuhannes Watts is chief linking officer at Learn2Link. Contact him at
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Point Blank by Mark Carrow

ABOUT MARK CARROW: Mark S. Carrow, CPA, MS, is a member of Citrin Cooperman’s Philadelphia office, which provides tax services, business consulting
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Paul Headshot

Collective Wisdom by Paul Riecks

ABOUT PAUL RIECKS: Paul A. Riecks is principal of Insight, which forms and facilitates peer groups of business owners and CEOs.
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Good Counsel by Eliot Wagonheim

ABOUT ELIOT WAGONHEIM: Eliot Wagonheim is a lawyer, writer, educator and strategist. He is counsel to innovative companies and a firm believer
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Interior Matters by Fred Mael

ABOUT FRED MAEL: Fred Mael, Ph.D., helps organizations and their employees work more effectively, and coaches executives and managers. Contact him
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Wexley and Strouse headshots

10 Things by Ken Wexley and Doug Strouse

ABOUT KEN WEXLEY AND DOUG STROUSE: Kenneth N. Wexley has his Ph.D. in organizational psychology and is CEO and president of
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Get On Board by Marissa Levin

ABOUT MARISSA LEVIN: Marissa Levin is CEO of Successful Culture, a consulting firm that helps CEOs build excellent cultures. She is
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Competitive Edge by Jeff Hanhausen

ABOUT JEFF HANHAUSEN: Jeff Hanhausen is CEO of The Hanhausen Group, which invests its expertise, network and money in a small
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The Insider by Marc Kramer

ABOUT MARC KRAMER: Marc Kramer, author of six books, is the Executive in Residence at the Erivan K. Haub School
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Innovator by Tom Loveland

ABOUT TOM LOVELAND: Tom Loveland is founder and CEO of Mind Over Machines, an IT strategy and application design
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David headshot

Innovator by David Troy

ABOUT DAVID TROY: David Troy is the CEO and co-founder of 410 Labs, maker of the popular email management tool Mailstrom, on
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Interior Matters by Alicia Rodriguez

ABOUT ALICIA RODRIGUEZ: Alicia M. Rodriguez is founder of Sophia Associates Inc., an international executive and leadership coaching practice. Contact
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Teching Charge by Randy Rayess

 Randy Rayess is the co-founder of VenturePact, a service that helps companies find and engage with vetted software
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Growth Moves by Mathew Heggem

ABOUT MATHEW HEGGEM: Dancer-turned-accountant Mathew Heggem is CEO of SUM Innovation, a company that assesses, designs, implements and manages accounting solutions for fast-growth startups,
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Marketing Mastermind by Larry Alton

ABOUT LARRY ALTON: Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business and entrepreneurship. Follow him on
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Patricia Lenkov

Exit Strategy by Patricia Lenkov

ABOUT PATRICIA LENKOV: Patricia Lenkov heads up Agility Executive Search, a boutique firm she founded in 2008. Previously, she was
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Sherron Washington

Social Media Maven by Sherron Washington

ABOUT SHERRON WASHINGTON: Sherron Washington is a CEO, author, marketing and communication expert, and professor. For more than a decade,
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Patrick Thean

Team Performance Guru by Patrick Thean

ABOUT PATRICK THEAN: Patrick Thean is a successful serial entrepreneur who has started and exited multiple companies. As founder and
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Sherre DeMao

BizGrowth 5.0 by Sherré DeMao

ABOUT SHERRE DE MAO: Sherré DeMao is founder, CEO and strategy maestro of SLD Unlimited Biz Growth Inc., an award-winning
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John Collard

Turnaround Strategist by John Collard

ABOUT JOHN COLLARD: John M. Collard is chairman of Annapolis, MD-based Strategic Management Partners, Inc., a turnaround management firm specializing
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