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Location: Chantilly, VA
Founded: 1993
Industry: Software and engineering


Matt Jones


TMA is a software and engineering firm providing direct support to the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. The company has focused on providing a value proposition that resonates with those customers, and that fact has driven its growth, says president Matt Jones. In addition, “we developed a strategic plan that places our incredibly talented workforce in the roles best suited for their talents,” he says. “We provide them with the autonomy to make decisions and encourage failing fast. This approach has led to a dramatic increase in workforce engagement and has resulted in the company achieving results not seen in our 23-year history.”

Quick Tip: “Our team is transparent and communicates with our employees as much as possible. We solicit ideas and act on them.”

TMA’s rapid growth in 2016 has presented a challenge in culture assimilation, as more than half the company’s employees are new hires. The company’s executive team was “keenly aware of this developing weakness and has proactively taken several steps to turn it into a strength,” says Jones. TMA has established a dedicated onboarding process, hosts a monthly event to establish social bonds, has launched a quarterly newsletter, and has leveraged a third party to develop targeted manager training. Going forward, “the most important role for TMA is continuing to positively impact our nation’s strategic objectives,” says Jones. “Growth is a natural extension of our commitment to the mission and our customers.”