Technatomy Corporation

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Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology

5-Time Winner

Technatomy Corporation

Nadeem Butler
President and CEO


Technatomy Corporation provides program-management support, software development and technical support services across the federal government. President and CEO Nadeem Butler attributes Technatomy’s success to its dedicated employees, who share the company’s vision of serving the nation’s veterans. “In a business that strives to exceed customer expectations each and every day, it takes a team of dedicated professionals who never waver and are provided with the tools to succeed,” says Butler. “With a clear understanding of the expected outcomes of any project, our team helps [all customers] meet their goals through shared accountability.”

Quick Tip: “Colin Powell said it best: ‘Good leadership encourages everyone’s evolution.’”

When faced with impending growth, Technatomy has at times hired employees too quickly, based on insufficient data. “As we have matured, we now take a two-pronged approach to hiring new employees,” says Butler. That approach looks for candidates who have the right skills, but are also a good fit for Technatomy’s culture. Candidates are evaluated against a cultural scorecard and go through multiple interviews. Once the company chooses its new employee, he or she is enrolled in a mentorship program to receive guidance on how to be successful at Technatomy. Over the next five to 10 years, Butler plans for the company’s leadership and employees to deepen their skills so they can continue to anticipate and adapt to the new challenges facing customers.