TCG, Inc.

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1994
Industry: Technology

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TCG, Inc.

Daniel Turner


Since its founding, TCG, Inc. has saved U.S. taxpayers more than $1 billion by helping the government make better use of technology, says president Daniel Turner. “We attribute our growth to two main factors: our people and how we treat them. Our recruiting and hiring strategy takes into account qualifications and aptitude primarily, and we do not stop there.” The company also looks for candidates who learn quickly and adapt well in fast-paced environments, are inventive and pioneering in their thinking, and are enthusiastic about making a difference, he says. Over the last three years, TCG’s voluntary staff turnover has been below 10 percent.

Quick Tip: “A great leader accepts his limitations and is willing to delegate even when others will do it worse than he will.”

Nevertheless, like most fast-growing companies, TCG has at times struggled with hiring qualified personnel quickly. “To address the challenge of rapid hiring, we doubled our recruiting staff and ruthlessly searched for bottlenecks to eliminate in our process,” says Turner. “For example, we built and maintain a comprehensive personnel database that enables us to rapidly and effectively identify those employees who meet the qualifications of any given requirement.” As a company practice, all TCG personnel meet at an annual all-hands meeting to discuss TCG’s plans for the next quarter, but also look as far out as 30 years. “At the forefront of our planning, our emphasis remains on growth,” says Turner.