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Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Government services

6-Time Winner


Louisa Long Jaffe
President and CEO


Growth hasn’t been simple for TAPE. The company operates in a market that is shrinking in many ways, as the Department of Defense has experienced cutbacks in its budgets for several years. The challenge for TAPE has been to continue growing in spite of that trend. In addition to acquiring a small company, TAPE studied its market for two years. The new acquisition allowed it to bid on new opportunities, and a strategic plan has helped TAPE set itself up for success.

Quick Tip: “I believe that a great leader is one who is willing to reach out for creative solutions when others have given up hope.”

One of the most valuable lessons president and CEO Louisa Long Jaffe has learned in leading TAPE is to trust herself. “I believe that I have all the inner resources I need to guide me to the right decisions. There are lots of outside ‘voices’ and influences that can shake one’s self-confidence. There can often be seemingly hundreds of reasons to doubt one’s perspective, vision or direction,” she says. “When I remind myself that through the creative power within me, I am well able to accomplish my goals and dreams, I lose all fearfulness or concern about making a mistake. I know my own inner spirit will rise to the occasion and steer me true.” While TAPE is now a services-only company, in the next five years, it expects to develop and market instructional design technology and services to the military. “We may also expand into civil agencies as well as commercial markets,” says Jaffe.