T. White Parker

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Location: Sterling, VA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Professional services

T. White Parker

Tanaia Parker
President and CEO


T. White Parker is a strategy and management consulting firm whose goal is to help organizations do business better. “T. White Parker is grateful to have earned a strong base of returning and referring customers. A large percentage of our portfolio is directly attributable to client referrals and follow-on engagements,” says president and CEO Tanaia Parker. “We earned our ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2014, and continue to maintain focus on exceptional quality as one of our core values.” As a result, T. White Parker is selective about the engagements it takes on, to ensure it can provide the technical depth and high quality that clients are looking for. 

Quick Tip: “Focus more on delivering exceptional service in an excellent way, and the revenue will come.” 

The main challenge T. White Parker has faced is maintaining a unified culture as the company grows and staff becomes more decentralized. To counteract this, the company makes sure communications are disseminated in a timely way, and that employees get together for work and non-work events to preserve camaraderie. T. White Parker invites participation from all employees in corporate strategic initiatives and research efforts throughout the year, hosts fun fundraisers with all contributions provided to charity, holds team-building events, and celebrates firm-wide successes. As T. White Parker continues to grow, Parker aims to stay true to her founding vision for the company, which includes holding quality and client value in higher regard than numbers.