SOS International LLC (SOSi)

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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 1989
Industry: Defense contractor

2-Time Winner

SOS International LLC (SOSi)

Julian Setian
President and CEO


SOS International LLC (SOSi) has set itself apart by taking on and succeeding at projects in high-risk situations. “The successful, uninterrupted execution of our current base-life support contracts in Iraq has required SOSi to accept significant risks, including during the security crisis that developed in 2014,” says president and CEO Julian Setian. “When the U.S. Embassy evacuated nonessential personnel and SOSi’s competitors left the country that summer, SOSi [was] the only U.S. contractor to continue business in central Iraq. … SOSi’s willingness to take calculated financial, force-protection and business risks was a key enabler for the U.S. contingency troop deployment, and it was a tangible and credible demonstration of U.S. resolve in support of the Iraqi foreign-military sales program during a crisis in relations between our two countries.”

Quick Tip: “People need to know, first, that their leader is willing to do what he asks of others.” 

All of SOSi’s growth occurred organically until the company made its first acquisition in 2015, with 97 percent of revenues occurring on prime contracts. Fueled by new prime contract wins, SOSi has seen the highest corporate revenues and profits in its 26-year history in past years. In 2015, the company diversified its business base, resulting in significant year-over-year revenue and income growth. “Our goal is to become one of the largest and most successful service and technology integrators in the defense and aerospace industry,” says Setian.