Sevatec, Inc.

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Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 2003
Industry: IT services

Sevatec, Inc.

Sonny Kakar
Founder and CEO


Sevatec, Inc. provides IT services and solutions to national security customers. Over the past three years, the company’s revenue has more than doubled. In an uncertain budgetary environment, Sevatec has targeted national security customers with missions that appeal to both sides of the aisle, and this has helped drive the company’s success with its customers. Chief among those customers is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with its variety of immigration-related programs. Three years ago, Sevatec had very little work supporting DHS or immigration-related programs, but in 2016, the agency was its largest customer.

Quick Tip: “To attract, retain and motivate top performers to achieve great outcomes, we need to say what we mean and mean what we say.”  

The biggest challenge associated with Sevatec’s rapid growth has been finding the right people to support that growth. One major change the company made in the past year was to align recruiting with operations. In the past, the recruiting function had been under HR, but by aligning it under the COO, Sevatec found that project managers and business-unit leaders received better service, and recruiting metrics improved. Sevatec plans to keep growing in the national security market, specifically the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. However, the company doesn’t define its success over the next several years solely by revenue or other financial statistics. Rather, it strives to be well-known as a thought leader in its core capabilities.