Reston Limousine

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Location: Dulles, VA
Founded: 1990
Industry: Transportation

5-Time Winner

Reston Limousine

Kristina Bouweiri
President and CEO


Reston Limousine was established in 1990 with just five vehicles. Over the past 26 years, president and CEO Kristina Bouweiri has grown the company steadily. Today, Reston Limousine has a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, from sedans to motor coaches. The company attributes its growth to a smart decision made early on. Reston Limousine established a contract with the Hyatt Reston, believing that northern Virginia would become the Silicon Valley of the East. That prediction was correct, and the company was rewarded with a wave of new clients, such as Sprint and Microsoft.

Quick Tip: “Most young businesses don’t think they can afford the appropriate salaries, so they make bad decisions when it comes to hiring. I did it over and over, but eventually learned from my mistakes. I focused on building a great management team.”

The company’s growth hasn’t always been easy. In 2002, Bouweiri was dropped by her bank and ended up losing her Small Business Administration loan. She spent the next six months searching for an answer to her problem and interviewing 20 banks. Of those 20, 19 turned her down. All it took was one yes. Bouweiri says this was a pivotal moment for her. “I learned that you should always put your banking out to bid, and carefully choose a bank that understands your industry.”