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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2008
Industry: Professional services


Tripp Donnelly
Founder and CEO


RepEquity’s model incorporates SEO, social media, and web and mobile experience alongside detailed analytics to protect brands and reach target users on any platform or device. “It’s been critical to identify demand created by new technology and become a first mover,” says Tripp Donnelly, RepEquity’s founder and CEO. “Working inside a publicly traded company I helped grow through IPO, I identified a market that did not yet exist. At that time, Google and other search engines were reshaping the internet, and social media was a fledgling industry compared to what it is today. I saw an opportunity to steer RepEquity into uncharted territory — online brand and reputation management. We grew quickly due to the inherent need for the business.”

Quick Tip: “Great leaders lead from the front. A great leader is defined by actions more than words.”

In 2008, RepEquity secured investment from a venture capital firm and launched its first product, an online reputation dashboard. “This tool helped clients track and analyze different aspects of their online brand in real time,” says Donnelly. By this time, RepEquity had evolved into a digital marketing company and was looking to M&A for further growth. Two key acquisitions later, the company benefits from expanded capabilities in account management and technical development. “As RepEquity enters a new phase with new services, our plan for growth in the next few years remains the same: to continue attracting great talent, investing in great technology, innovating great solutions for clients, and expanding our geographic footprint to additional cities in and outside the U.S.,” says Donnelly.