Palmetto Partners, LLC

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Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Government services

Palmetto Partners, LLC

Carmen L. Goddin


Palmetto Partners, LLC is a small, woman-owned business headquartered in Alexandria, VA. “With our diverse employee base comprised largely of special-operations and law-enforcement veterans, we offer a variety of personnel with skill sets in advanced special operations, unconventional warfare, role playing, surveillance detection and counter-surveillance,” says CEO Carmen L. Goddin. The company has worked closely with the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI, among others.

Quick Tip: “Never burn a bridge.”

Palmetto Partners’ main expertise is realistic military training. “We have fully qualified profilers and analysts to make sure every exercise is completely successful to meet each subject’s needs,” says Goddin. “We also provide linguists who speak various languages and have had real-world experience.” The majority of Palmetto Partners’ employees have experienced difficult combat situations, which helps prepare clients’ students “for the austere physical and mental challenges they will face in real-world missions in the war on terror,” says Goddin. In leading Palmetto Partners, she has learned the importance of flexibility and delegation. “Everyone has something they are best at. You can be good at many things, but, if you find out what each [person on] your team is best at and have them fill that role, you will all be more productive,” she says. In the future, Goddin plans to obtain more contracts and start a nonprofit to honor veterans and service members.