Ntiva, Inc.

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Location: McLean, VA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Technology

4-Time Winner

Ntiva, Inc.

Steve Freidkin


Companies have become more dependent on technology, and many have chosen to outsource their technology needs as a result. This has led to significant growth for technology companies like Ntiva, Inc., but hasn’t come without challenges. For Ntiva, the biggest challenge has been accepting the idea of change. Over the past few years, the company has shifted gears by creating clarity around both business and individual goals. As part of this, Ntiva created measurable objectives and began tracking them. Over the course of this process, some people became upset and some even left. What emerged on the other side was a better team. “After the initial stress of change, we were met with a stronger, more focused company,” says president Steve Freidkin.

Quick Tip: “[Have] a clear vision that everyone understands and aligns with. Without one, inefficiencies and frustration run rampant.”

Ntiva knows that in the competitive tech field, retaining and attracting top talent is crucial. “We realized that there is only a small pool of real technical talent that can deliver, and have focused significant resources on attracting, retaining and growing technical talent — [through] aggressive benefits, a unique company culture and programs directly focused on education,” Freidkin says.