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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Hospitality

2-Time Winner

National Corporate Housing

Tom Atchison


National Corporate Housing takes its hiring so seriously that it has developed its own unique method for getting the right people into the right positions. The company uses a hiring solution called Success by Selection that is specifically designed to choose the top talent for each job. So far, CEO Tom Atchison says, Success by Selection has helped the company bring in great employees who are aligned with National Corporate Housing’s culture.

Quick Tip: “Hire the right people.”

Though the company’s team is one of its greatest assets, it is also one of its biggest challenges. Over the years, Atchison has learned the importance of communication and employee development. As part of this, the company has increased its transparency and placed a focus on communicating change and expectations. This process has created a more educated and productive staff, and has helped many understand why the company does what it does. What’s more, National Corporate Housing emphasizes development to ensure employees are properly trained, and to guide them to the next level. “We are continuously working on how we effectively communicate within our organization and to our associates,” says Atchison. “This includes increasing our transparency and better communicating change and expectations. We believe an educated staff has a higher level of productivity.”