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Location: Greenbelt, MD
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner


Steve Halligan
President and COO


Steve Halligan, president and COO of n2grate, draws some of his best business lessons from his experience as a father of nine. In raising nine children, Halligan has learned to maintain focus and calm during turbulent times at n2grate. This has been key to the company’s success. One challenge for n2grate has been maintaining responsiveness and speed as a smaller company working with large federal clients. To deal with this, Halligan says, “as business owners, we are expected to wear many hats and spend the extra time needed to ensure we’re delivering enterprise-class service.”

Quick Tip: “I’ve learned to be decisive and to surround myself with people who are more talented than I am.”  

Another contributor to n2grate’s success has been its experienced team. The company focuses on hiring well-connected, ethical, experienced professionals as a key part of its business strategy. In fact, most of its employees have 20 or more years of expertise in the industry. “We look to grow our team by hiring true, trusted advisors within our customer space,” says Halligan. For the next five to 10 years, n2grate has a vision of expanding its footprint in additional federal-government segments, including the defense and intelligence communities. With the continued transition to cloud services, n2grate also anticipates the need to migrate its business model to support these changing customer requirements.