Meridian Imaging Solutions

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Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 1985
Industry: IT services

Meridian Imaging Solutions

Matt Williams
President and COO


Meridian Imaging Solutions provides managed IT services and document solutions to a diverse client base throughout the DC metro area. The company has been a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedules contract holder for almost a decade. “We have also held major contracts with several government agencies independent of the GSA,” says Matt Williams, Meridian’s president and COO. “We take pride in the positive feedback we get from our customers.”

Quick Tip: “Keep an open mind — it’s OK to fail.”

“Our employees are easily the biggest factor contributing to our growth,” says Williams. “Revenue, profit and growth all start with our sales reps. We’ve been able to recruit some of the best sales people in the area to drive our federal, state and local government business. Our sales reps believe in what they sell because of our amazing support staff.” Another important factor has been Meridian’s location, just outside Washington, DC. “Being able to guarantee a four-hour local response time isn’t something that most of our competition can do. We’re also able to meet face-to-face with the local decision makers, which always goes a long way,” says Williams. In the future, Meridian plans to keep investing in its people and technology. “We’re confident that we’ll continue to experience double-digit growth if we empower, inspire and reward our employees,” says Williams.