MAG Aerospace

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Location: Woodbridge, VA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Defense services

2-Time Winner

MAG Aerospace

Joe Fluet


At MAG Aerospace, corporate culture is approached a bit differently than at other companies. “MAG is not a lifestyle company, and we attract individuals who are excited to tackle the world’s most difficult problems, knowing that their teammates will be just as dedicated and committed as they are,” says CEO Joe Fluet. At MAG, growth has come as a result of these talented individuals. As Fluet says, “In a services company, people are your product.” MAG’s growth also has been fueled by a willingness to take risks. Fluet is careful to distinguish risk taking from gambling, saying, “Risk takers gather all available information, identify risks, mitigate them to the extent possible, and go forward accepting the risks that remain.”

Quick Tip: “If your team knows that you will keep your word, put their interests before your own and that you will not waver, they will accept your flaws and follow you anywhere.”

Because of MAG’s fast growth, the company has experienced plenty of challenges. “I like to joke around that entrepreneurship time is counted in dog years — every year is like seven,” Fluet says. “So in a fast-growing company, we face two years’ worth of challenges every quarter.” One lesson learned through challenges has been to choose key partners carefully. Partners can propel growth, Fluet says, but sometimes that means choosing what is right over what is easy.