Lunarline, Inc.

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Location: Arlington, VA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Technology

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Lunarline, Inc.

Waylon Krush


Lunarline, Inc. was founded in 2004 as an answer to the lack of comprehensive security solutions in the IT industry. For companies in a rush to make risky IT investments and engineer business solutions, security had become an afterthought. What’s more, the security solutions that did exist were often poorly designed, and failed to account for the complexities of modern IT security challenges, says Lunarline CEO Waylon Krush. Lunarline’s founders recognized the need for solutions that weren’t one-size-fits-all. Their backgrounds as soldiers and engineers helped them create security solutions that didn’t impede business progress. “We founded Lunarline to bring a solutions engineering-oriented approach to security challenges. By engaging clients early in the engineering lifecycle, we deliver solutions built on security,” Krush says.

Quick Tip: “Watch cash flow like a hawk even in the good times, and teach everyone else to do the same.”

Thanks to its unique approach to security, Lunarline has experienced significant growth. A year after its founding, the company hit an inflection point. Lunarline had outpaced its ability to fund its operations. “We learned that, for a fast-growth, independently owned company like Lunarline, you must manage cash flow while making careful investments in the capabilities to sustain innovation and support continued growth,” says Krush.