KURE Pain Management

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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 2003
Industry: Medical practice

KURE Pain Management

Dr. Damean Freas

Dr. Kamran Saraf
Executive Vice President


KURE Pain Management provides minimally invasive treatments for neck, back and joint pain. Prior to 2016, the practice had been on a steady growth trajectory. Last summer, KURE was acquired by a private equity firm. This infusion of funds has allowed CEO Dr. Damean Freas to expand the practice much more quickly into markets it had previously been interested in — along with some it hadn’t expected to be able to get to. This expansion has also allowed KURE to offer its employees more benefits and more security during an uncertain time in healthcare.

Quick Tip: “Great leaders achieve goals through inspiration and influence, not through sheer authority and power.”

KURE has faced several challenges as a result of its rapid growth. For example, its offices now stretch over a large geographic area, and travel between those locations is no longer very convenient. Another challenge has been making necessary cultural shifts after absorbing another business. KURE has succeeded in these areas by incorporating leaders from each practice into its leadership and management team. This has allowed a diverse set of people to bring in new ideas and has helped consolidate corporate culture. Over the next five to 10 years, KURE’s goal is to achieve 20 percent growth per year.