Knight Point Systems

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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology

Knight Point Systems

Bob Eisiminger


Knight Point Systems (KPS) was founded to address the IT and infrastructure challenges facing federal government agencies. An investment in talent has been one major contributor to the company’s success. “Providing employees with increased responsibility, growth opportunities, and access to training and education can lead to a great return on investment,” says Bob Eisiminger, CEO of KPS. “An individual training plan is maintained for each employee, and they are challenged to learn a new skill or obtain a new certification every year.”

Quick Tip: “A great leader by definition is one whom people will follow, and the best way for that to happen is to practice servant leadership.”

As KPS has grown and gained employees outside its headquarters, the company has had to work harder to ensure its culture stays consistent. “This is done by constantly communicating with our workforce and exemplifying our core values, the 4Cs: candor, competence, commitment and confidence,” says Eisiminger. “We hold quarterly all-hands meetings, publish a quarterly newsletter that is mailed to every employee’s home, and host numerous social gatherings each year to allow our employees to get together outside the office.” In 2012, KPS set a goal to grow to 10 times its size by 2022. “We are well on our way, and we are doing it by maintaining a small-company feel and a culture that makes us extremely proud,” says Eisiminger.