Karsun Solutions LLC

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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology

Karsun Solutions LLC

Sundar Vaidyanathan
Co-founder and CEO


Karsun Solutions LLC’s core competencies include enterprise application development, cloud solutions and advanced analytics. “We consider every customer to be unique, and provide optimal solutions that take into consideration customers’ context and their challenges,” says co-founder and CEO Sundar Vaidyanathan. “We collaborate with diverse customer stakeholders, other industry partners and technology vendors to ensure risks are mitigated and engagements are delivered with high customer satisfaction.” As a result, Karsun has received an “excellent” rating from its top customer, the General Services Administration, for the last eight quarters. 

Quick Tip: “A great leader has the unique ability to bring talented people together and nurture an environment where their strengths are leveraged naturally to accomplish the goal.”

One of the core tenets of Karsun’s culture is investing in people and their ideas. The company has its own “innovation center,” where employees are tasked with analyzing IT market trends and developing innovative solutions for customers. As the company has grown, it has been able to compete for larger contracts. “As a result, we face increased levels of competition and pricing pressures,” says Vaidyanathan. “The key strategy we have adopted so far is differentiating our solution offerings and focusing only on niche opportunities involving software development, cloud solutions and advanced analytics.”