Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1965
Industry: Nonprofit

Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

Ed Grenier
President and CEO


Junior Achievement of Greater Washington’s mission is to inspire the next generation to be financially capable and tenacious. “The largest factor that propelled the growth of Junior Achievement was the realization after the financial crisis in 2008 that young people needed to be prepared to navigate the real world by understanding personal finance and what it takes to be successful in the workplace, and that they needed to develop 21st-century skills in preparation for an unknown job market,” says president and CEO Ed Grenier.

Quick Tip: “What defines a great leader is being a good listener, being a good coach, setting clear objectives and goals, and ensuring everyone has fun.”

One of Junior Achievement’s biggest challenges has been attracting and retaining volunteers. “To meet the challenge, we have created new ways to engage volunteers. We have built strategic alignments with community organizations,” says Grenier. “We have also changed the model to make the experience more user-friendly, providing more one-day opportunities in the classroom as opposed to asking a volunteer to make a once-a-week commitment over a 10-week period.” Junior Achievement’s long-term goal is to ensure that all young people in the Greater Washington region have essential life skills, access to adult role models, and exposure to jobs and careers.