iDiscovery Solutions Inc.

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology

5-Time Winner

iDiscovery Solutions Inc.

Dan Regard


With the explosion of information systems like social media and the internet came a need to apply new information in a litigation context. This is where iDiscovery Solutions Inc. (iDS) came in. The company and the industry in which it resides have continued to grow. In the face of such growth, iDS CEO Dan Regard encountered a personal challenge: his own competitive nature. In overcoming this, he realized a challenge was facing his entire company. Employees in many large consulting firms are rewarded on an individual performance basis, and therefore may view colleagues as threats. Regard immediately set out to remedy this problem, and eventually, he realized that the change needed to come incrementally and work from the top down.

Quick Tip: “We strive to make our employees as independent as possible, to understand the company’s vision, direction, as well as their role on individual projects and assignments.”

Another helpful lesson for iDS and Regard has been the realization that there is a lifecycle to companies, fueled by Ichak Adizes’ book Corporate Lifecycles. “[The cycle] progresses from the go-go attitude of anything goes, to the measured, quality performance of a company in its prime, and, if you’re not careful, into the dysfunction of a bureaucracy,” says Regard. “This perspective has allowed us to identify where we are in that lifecycle, what we’re doing that is holding us back from getting to prime, and what we should be doing to get into prime.”