DirectViz Solutions, LLC

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Location: Chantilly, VA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

DirectViz Solutions, LLC

Vinnie Tran
President and CEO


When DirectViz Solutions, LLC (DVS) won its first major contract bid in 2013, it only had one employee. Within two months, it grew to 32 employees supporting clients in four states. Though its initial plan was to remain lean in the challenging economic environment, the company quickly realized that being too lean could be a hindrance to growth. To deal with its new growth, DVS had to develop a corporate infrastructure that both supported new employees and accommodated the needs of the client. Balancing costs and needs has been DVS’ greatest challenge, but president and CEO Vinnie Tran says it has been a necessary lesson. “We learned from this experience that not only do we need to focus on serving our clients, but we must also think about our employees and their experience with the company.”

Quick Tip: “You need to not only think about your current state, but also about your plan for your business’s and employees’ growth.”

In the face of tightening Department of Defense budgets and fierce competition, DVS has experienced growth as a result of its commitment to its small and large business partners, and to delivering the services and solutions clients need. “We are dedicated to responding to our clients’ requirements with efficiency, quality and cost-effective solutions,” says Tran.