Concept Plus, LLC

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Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology

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Concept Plus, LLC

Ahmad Abuzaakouk
President and CEO


Concept Plus, LLC is a professional services company that develops enterprise applications for the federal government. President and CEO Ahmad Abuzaakouk attributes the company’s growth to its commitment to hiring the right staff, and its dedication to constant improvement. When it comes to its employees, Concept Plus works to build a team made up of talented individuals who subscribe to the company’s core values. This includes ensuring that customer satisfaction is at the forefront. “Our goal is to consistently strive to improve on whatever it is we are working on,” says Abuzaakouk. “We have consistently done this by reducing costs, increasing performance, enhancing technologies, and being innovative and flexible, which improves customer satisfaction.”

Quick Tip: “Being open-minded allows me to accept and implement the advice of those around me, and encourages my executives to do the same. This helps my executives stay flexible and improve as we grow.” 

Concept Plus has faced one challenge along its road to growth. Abuzaakouk says the company has struggled with understanding the complexities of government procurement, and with learning how to properly plan and navigate around its ebb and flow. “When I was working for others, things such as staff utilization and cash flow were issues that I didn’t have to concern myself with,” he says. Nonetheless, the company is growing, and Abuzaakouk foresees even more growth over the next five to 10 years.