Chartwell Compliance

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Financial services

Chartwell Compliance

Daniel Weiss
President and CEO


Chartwell Compliance specializes in facilitating market entry into new countries and launching new products and services. One reason the company has grown significantly is because it invests in employee training. In 2015, Chartwell provided leadership training for its executives, which took place in Normandy, France. “While traveling throughout the region, the team toured the D-Day landing beaches and learned about the Normandy campaign of World War II. They underwent various leadership exercises, received external mentorship, and took part in meetings and workshops developed solely to improve their managerial skills and provide the right tools to better lead their individual teams,” says Daniel Weiss, president and CEO of Chartwell. Each year, the company also provides an all-expenses-paid trip to recognize employees’ hard work and build the team.

Quick Tip: “When your people are happy, your customers, your product and your company thrive. Great leaders know this.”

As a result of its fast growth, Chartwell sometimes struggled to standardize processes and expectations. “We doubled our headcount last year and needed to adjust almost every area of our company to compensate,” says Weiss. To solve this challenge, Chartwell turned to the philosophy of Kaizen. “By using common sense and process-oriented thinking, Kaizen empowers employees to identify problems within the company and come up with effective resolutions,” says Weiss.