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Location: Vienna, VA
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology

5-Time Winner


Christopher Stark
President and CEO


In the IT industry, progress is constant and rapid. As technology advances, so too must companies like Cetrom. “It seems that just when you get comfortable with things, they change. Employees in IT must expect to start from the bottom and build back up every few years to stay current,” says president and CEO Christopher Stark. “But this inevitability doesn’t have to be an intimidating struggle of sink or swim.” So how does Cetrom stay afloat in a constantly shifting industry? It attempts to predict the future by investing in up-and-coming technology and remaining aware of what’s out there already.

Quick Tip: “To lead a fast-growing company, it is important to maintain quality and customer service while you grow.”

In addition to operating with great foresight in the industry, Cetrom is focused on creating a company where employees love to work, and that customers love to work with. As part of this, Cetrom made the shift to telecommuting. Most employees work from home, and this has proven to be a successful strategy for the company. Telecommuting has lowered costs for Cetrom, while improving productivity. To combat the challenges that go along with a dispersed workforce, Cetrom maintains constant, daily communication with its employees, and strives to provide a safe environment in which employees are heard and appreciated. “In years to come, we [will continue] to stay ahead on innovation,” says Stark.