Business Management Associates, Inc.

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Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Professional services

Business Management Associates, Inc.

LaJuanna Russell


Business Management Associates, Inc. (BMA) is a human-capital management and training solutions provider. The company supports federal agencies including the Department of Defense, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security, along with state and local government entities. When BMA first started, “I did everything: business development, operations and project management,” says CEO LaJuanna Russell. But this soon became impossible, and Russell decided to hire staff members who could support and add to BMA’s culture. “My staff was critical to surviving the sequestration BMA faced, and I demonstrated my commitment to them by continuing to offer 100 percent paid benefits,” she says.

Quick Tip: “A great leader never considers herself the smartest person in the room, and never takes herself too seriously. Ego kills great companies.”

Russell also conceived a plan to restructure BMA, which included moving from 90 percent subcontracting to 90 percent prime contracting, focusing on the company’s established verticals and developing a learning organization. “This strategy has proven to be successful, and two key members of the management staff and I rebuilt the business, doubling our income by the end of 2014,” says Russell. “We won a contract every month, beginning February 2014 through December. As 2015 began, BMA was better positioned than in any year prior, and more profitable.”