Buc Mobile Inc.

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Location: Vienna, VA
Founded: 2013
Industry: Technology

Buc Mobile Inc.

Terry Hsiao


Buc Mobile Inc. provides a cloud communications platform to IP-based apps and services. “We offer a powerful suite of [application programming interfaces] to access phone numbers, voice and messaging with global reach,” says CEO Terry Hsiao. “The goal is to help applications, enterprises and networks leverage IP to improve how telecom services are consumed and managed.” Demand and market acceptance have been major factors in Buc Mobile’s growth. “Defining a new market is exciting, yet without actual demand and the market accepting our solution, it is difficult to grow revenues,” says Hsiao.

Quick Tip:“A leader is someone who remains in control and comes up with the plan for the team to follow. A great leader is someone who does this well and gains and retains the respect of the team long after he no longer leads.”

In leading a fast-growing company, “the biggest challenge is not to get bogged down in daily tasks but continue to re-evaluate the strategy and team, and make hard choices that are needed to sustain growth,” says Hsiao. Over time, he learned that it’s also crucial to take one step at a time and avoid low-odds shortcuts. “In five years, we want to disrupt how the telecom industry does business. In 10 years, we want to forget what industry we came from,” says Hsiao.