Arc Aspicio

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Government consulting

Arc Aspicio

Lynn Ann Casey


Arc Aspicio is a management and technology consulting firm focusing on homeland security clients. “We deliver mission-critical consulting, information management, strategic communications and technology integration to our clients to help them achieve mission-oriented results daily,” says CEO Lynn Ann Casey. Arc Aspicio works on challenging projects, including a first-of-its-kind human trafficking assessment, knowledge sharing at nationwide fusion centers, mitigating flood risk using data analytics, and supporting access to emergency information for teachers, children, and people with disabilities or limited English proficiency.

Quick Tip: “A great leader listens, debates and inspires. My personal leadership style is collaborative and I am very loyal to my employees.”

While Arc Aspicio is still a small business, it is growing quickly into a medium-sized consulting firm. The company has multiple unrestricted and set-aside contracts with the General Services Administration and several agencies at the Department of Homeland Security. Approximately 90 percent of Arc Aspicio’s work is as a prime contractor. The company’s fast growth has held many lessons, but “the most valuable lesson we have learned is that culture is absolutely critical to healthy, sustainable growth,” says Casey. “By clearly defining culture when you are a smaller organization, you create the foundation to scale and reinforce this culture as you grow and help new employees orient quickly.”